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2015 Devils Backbone

2015 Devils Backbone

When runners can lift their eyes from their feet on the rocky 
trail, or past the green parks where the bears and the elk play, they can see wilderness areas to the east 
and to the west and feel the joy of running through a wilderness study area which few people even in 
Bozeman are fully aware.  

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At the heart of the Petzl enterprise you will find the will of its founders to serve their passion for exploration.  Today, more than ever, Petzl reaffirms this commitment.
- Allow the prgoress of users engaged in their own pursuits (professional or athletic) whether in the vertical realm or somewhere more obscure.
- Share our expertise with the community.


Kristina Pattison

Kristina Pattison 2nd Place US Skyrunning Series

In ultra racing there seems to be a trend toward racing more frequently without adequate time for recovery. This trend is magnified for those racing in series where durability is paramount. But in my experience, your body will eventually tell you it is time to stop. Elite runners are likely in their position because they stay tuned-in to their bodies. If they ignore the stop signals they likely won’t stay on top for long.

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Running the Canadian Rockies

Sean Run Bum Blanton is a native of Atlanta, Georgia, but he travels to the Canadian Rockies every summer to summit mountains with his own unique flair and style. "I've gotten to the point where it's somewhere in between rock climbing, mountaineering and trail running," he says. "No ropes, no axes - nothing like that. Just a pack with a can of bear spray and some food and water." This video is a sneak peak at Sean's adventures. A full-length documentary will come out in late Fall 2015.

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Vancouver Spirit Run - 09/16/2015

Before trail and mountain running there was cross country. I love cross country. Strength, speed, agility and guts required over 5-8 (preferably muddy) kilometers. And the best part is that I don't have to worry about getting lost, eating and drinking while running, falling off a cliff or being eaten by bears. More...

Refections on i2P Greece Expedition - 09/15/2015

It was truly an incredible expedition. There was a lot of great content posted at that I would encourage you to check out if you haven’t already. I had hoped to write a personal report from my role in the expedition as a coach and guide, but at this point with a lot of time passed by, I think that I’ll keep it short, and just include some of my favourite photos/memories and let them tell the story. More...

Rest, Regroup, Redirect, Share - 09/15/2015

From a place of starting to get more excited about the direction my training is heading, it follows that lining up some races is next. It has been a quiet year in that regard, and I hope to make up for lost time now that my enthusiasm is back, and just in time for some cooler weather. More...

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Six Ways to Salvage a Bad Race

Six Ways to Salvage a Bad Race

 No matter where you are at in this sport, you have probably come a long way. Take pride in YOUR progress. This may mean making a screen on your garmin that tracks total gain for the day (hallelujah when that goes past 10.0k!) or maybe making note of the main climbs and giving yourself a hell-yea when you get to the top of one. Celebrate how far you have come already and you will see you don’t really have that far to go. You CAN do this!

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Ryan Woods

Ryan Woods

Let’s say you’re a runner residing between Georgia and Maine or maybe between California and Oklahoma.  You’ve got several notches on your belt from your local 10k but your times have dipped or the excitement has gradually faded as the city blocks blend seamlessly into monotony.  Maybe the excitement remains but you’re looking to add an event to your calendar to keep motivation high throughout the year.  Well if you live in or near the aforementioned states you may be missing out on a running challenge that will take your breath away.  Literally.  I’d like to formally introduce you to mountain running.

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