Mountain Running® Team

In 2003 La Sportiva formed the premier trail and adventure running team in North America. The La Sportiva Mountain Running® team is a solid group of individuals, AND a talented group of athletes. Each year 35 great athletes push the boundaries of personal achievement and enjoyment, learn how to go further faster.


Become a member of the La Sportiva Mountain Running® Team!

The La Sportiva Mountain Running Team supports its athletes with the best footwear, apparel and, thanks to our Partners, the best equipment and nutrition options available to trail runners.  Thus it is natural that we receive many requests from other runners for "sponsorship".

So how do we select our Team Members? It's not what you expect!

Most people think runners "qualify" for the Team by achieving certain results at certain races. This is not the case. Instead, we are looking for "Ambassadors" for the La Sportiva brand: good people who can run well, are seen as leaders in the sport and in their community, and who aren't shy about spreading the word about products that work well for them. We don't "sponsor" top finishers at races; we partner with runners and support them in acheiving their goals while they support our brand.

Make sense? We think so. So if you're interested in being part of the Team, start by going down to your local retailer and picking up a pair of Sportiva's! Like them? Good! Run and race in them, and please let us know how you did; we'd be happy to hear. Email us at